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Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Good Food, Good Friends, With Good Atmosphere

Just come up with plenty of stories to tell and let us take care of the food! We look forward to seeing you.


Authentic Creole Cuisine in Eureka Springs

Enjoy the rich, local flavors of New Orleans right here in Eureka Springs, Arkansas! The Creole Girls Cafe is a family-style restaurant serving up appetizing dishes created using age-old recipes that originated from the French Quarter. We also have an eye-catching art gallery. Visit us for the complete N’awlins experience!

About Us

The ambiance and aesthetic appeal may be what draws you to Creole Girls Café at first glance, but the mouthwatering food and exceptional customer service will make you come back over and over! Our restaurant pays homage to the history and cuisine of the Vieux Carré. After all, we are a true French Quarter family! 

Our Mission

We’re all about good food, good friends, and good atmosphere. We want you to enjoy your dining experience and leave our premises feeling full and satisfied.

Meet the Owner

The founder of The Creole Girls Cafe has been in the industry since she was 16 years old. Although our restaurant is relatively new, the owner is dedicated to creating tasty Creole food for all.

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